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September 11, 2020:

Divine Intervention Needed at 1KFA channel!

September 12, 2020:



 9/13:  In case you attend Dr. Johann's sessions...

This is the only authorized space to find information about the 1 KINGDOM for ALL learning channel at YouTube.  This is where we will soon direct ALL subscribers to help you navigate effectively and efficiently at the channel.

KINGDOM Renaissance first launched the channel in November 2014.  By GOD's grace, it continues to evolve with TTEKKLESIA providing general oversight for all associated resources, tools and services.

There are well over 2,200 videos with new additions weekly.  

Videos are systematically organized in over 220 playlists.


In the very near future, we will provide you with an extensive video resource listing, organized for systematic learning —complete with links to ALL of the related playlists— along with a simplified PDF guide to help you maximize your spiritual research and chosen KINGDOM learning path.

Now that we've crossed over into the 2020's, we are eager to update ALL the video descriptions at the channel, and provide the proper links inside each to their related resources. There are over a thousand video descriptions that desperately need updating since those first few years, and we are determined to get the job done expeditiously! There have been so many obsolete links in those out-dated video descriptions that need an immediate replacement and UPGRADE to our new, simplified, consolidated system.  This will instantly and dramatically increase the visibility and accessibility of many of the most impactful resources related to these videos. 


In addition to updating video descriptions, there are plenty of videos that need removal as soon as possible as we laser focus our attention on the end-time ekklesia the Messiah HIMSELF is building. Some videos shared in those early years were novice attempts to bring attention to ministries and artistic expressions we appreciated, but recently have become our most urgent priority to remove!  And finally, there are hundreds more video segments & audio-visual resources awaiting GOD's instruction to be publicly released this year.


Your SUBSCRIPTION to 1 KINGDOM for ALL is highly valued and never taken for granted.  It is a holy honor to have the divine opportunities to be empowered by HIS Grace in such an epoch hour of human history.  We look forward to establishing more HIGHER-PURPOSE funding and serving GOD with you as one of HIS effective equipping aids towards your HIGHEST PURPOSES in the end-time ekklesia of GOD's KINGDOM.

The Xclusive focus of 1 KINGDOM for ALL

is the one and only KINGDOM of GOD (YHWH)


— not to be confused with the kingdoms

and traditions of christendom.

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