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This is your NEW 1KFA

Information space 

This section at the XTTX CyberCenter is the only authorized space to find information about the 1 KINGDOM for ALL media projects such as online video channels.  This is where we now direct ALL subscribers and inquirers to help you navigate 1KFA resources as they become publicly available online.

KINGDOM Renaissance first launched the original "seed" youtube channel in November 2014.  By GOD's grace, the operations of its purpose continue to evolve with TTEKKLESIA providing general oversight for all associated resources, tools and services.

As of September 2020.... 

Over 2,400 videos (with new additions weekly) are systematically organized in hundreds of series and playlists for over 34,000 KINGDOM-seeking subscribers.


In the immediate future, we are decentralizing this enormous library in accordance with detailed instructions given to us days prior to 1KFA's sudden invisibility (at youtube) on September 11.  Emerging from the original 1 KINGDOM for ALL seed are three (3) brand new specialized media projects with SuperSimplified "minimalized-branding" that XTTX CyberCenter resources will soon become known for.

These new projects are the very first to be originally launched from the general oversight of TTEKKLESIA at the XTTX CyberCenter!  So, we are intentionally building them "from scratch" in partnership with our Heavenly Help, and we embrace the tremendous challenge and exhilarating adventure in this new chapter of our eternal labor of Love!



We are gaining more and more clarity and this is propelling us forward. We will continue to follow our divine instructions precisely.  And, we are eager to revise ALL elements of our methods of operation when it comes to the new 1KFA media projects we have been gloriously tasked with in the new season of launching into the deep!

With these new media projects, we'll provide you with an extensive resource listing, organized for systematic learning —complete with links to ALL of the related series— along with a simplified PDF guide to help you maximize your spiritual research and chosen KINGDOM learning paths.





In the original 1 KINGDOM for ALL youtube channel, there were over a thousand video descriptions that desperately needed updating since those first few years!  There were obsolete links in those outdated video descriptions that needed immediate replacement and an UPGRADE to our new, simplified, consolidated (and decentralized) system.


As we received greater and greater measures of clarity in the fresh vision that was given for our FUTURE, we recognized a familiar trend that Heaven has guided us in over the past seven (7) years.... which caters to the special ones who are called out from the masses (of strife, division, distraction & confusion) and into a much deeper walk for a much higher pursuit of Heavenly KINGDOM reality.  Though the channel-transforming task seemed to be growing beyond ALL practicalities, we were still willing to do whatever was necessary to transform ALL elements of the original channel into the likeness of what is being revealed!


* So if this was a test, it's entirely possible that we passed it with flying colors! :)

It wasn't until the morning of October 30, 2020 that we fully embraced (with ZEAL) the clear mandate to focus our primary attention on designing, creating, and freely giving away our proprietary audio-visual tools in a much higher quality media environment than youtube could ever offer with all its interruptions of monetized ads and distracting nonsensical content.




Before October 30, 2020, we had only leaked our plans to remove youtube from our facilitating environments to a very few. It is with Xtreme joy and Xcitement to have Xplicit divine directives to announce this GOOD NEWS!



On November 1, 2020 we will BEGIN "breaking ground" at a new venue that will serve our holy interests best in the immediate future!



GOD is Jealous for the minds and hearts of HIS people —especially those with spiritual hunger that far Xceeds the majority of seekers— and we count it an honor to serve HIM in a way that allows us to cater to these special ones. Now, we have been freed to provide a much better context for deeper & higher learning, while being able to freely give our resources to you with options that allow you to download our audio-video tools with the click or tap of a button!

Finally, there are hundreds more video segments & audio-visual resources awaiting GOD's instruction to be publicly released in HIS perfect divine timing this year and beyond.


It is a holy honor to have the divine opportunities to be empowered by HIS Grace in such an epoch hour of human history.  We look forward to establishing more HIGHER-PURPOSE funding and serving GOD with you as one of HIS effective equipping aids towards your HIGHEST PURPOSES in the end-time ekklesia of GOD's KINGDOM.







The Xclusive focus of 1 KINGDOM for ALL

is the one and only KINGDOM of GOD (YHWH)


— not to be confused with the kingdoms

and traditions of christendom.



1 KINGDOM for ALL (logo)






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