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Brand new 1KFA projects are launching!

As of October 10, 2020, three (3) new projects are beginning their launch by introducing a spiritual web presence publicly in one (1) master-project. 


By November 1, each will individually present (before GOD) a first-fruits offering of online content that symbolically represents the beginnings of a foundation upon which vast decentralized libraries will be grown in the near future. The prayerful and secure retooling of 1KFA audio-visual resources now has the benefit of invaluable experience gained during the whirlwind of activity over the past decade. As we flow with HOLY SPIRIT in the emergence of the new media presences, we understand that these projects will take on various forms spread out over several platforms and facilitating environments.


Ultimately the CENTRAL BASE of ALL our future decentralized online media presences will continue to be located ONLY at the XTTX CyberCenter.


As always, all co-creation and production of resources are designed for genuine KINGDOM seekers, and especially those who are in earnest training for their unique roles in the eternal ekklesia built by our eternal KING Yeshua, the Messiah to serve in the highest purposes of HIS end-time KINGDOM establishment on the Earth.


What we're establishing with ALL the new projects is long-term.  The original creation of every audio-visual resource used for these specialized media projects will be stored offline in a secure private storage available for replication at KINGDOM-owned & operated media hosting/sharing platforms whenever they arrive online by divine commission.

Until then, by GOD's grace and ONLY by HIS direct instruction, we will continue to quietly grow a Presence at any media outlets we are divinely directed to.

We pray that our service in HIS KINGDOM is of great value to you and your immediate future development in HIS eternal ekklesia. 




"The KINGDOM of HEAVEN on Earth" project specializes in the eternal KINGDOM of GOD —also called the KINGDOM of HEAVEN— that Yeshua the Messiah, the KING of that KINGDOM, represents. 


HIS only message was the KINGDOM of GOD. This Reality was the only truth HE taught, preached, demonstrated, exemplified, conferred and commissioned... So, it will ALWAYS be the central message we teach, preach, demonstrate, exemplify and function in under HIS authority executing our mission.


This is the master-project that includes the other two. Normally, we'd include almost everything we do within this one; however, the other two (listed below) are so distinct in their emphases and purposes that we were literally preparing for separate "media channels" you probably know.  At some point in the not-too-distant future, this will still happen, but in a completely different online environment than the media outlets we've used before. When that time comes, our InnerCircles will be the first to know!


For now though, it seems good to us and the Holy Spirit to keep our public online presence as simplified as possible.  So, until we receive instructions otherwise, the below two (2) distinct media projects can easily be housed inside "The KINGDOM of HEAVEN on Earth" project.


These Xciting developments are all part of an "alpha-phase"

 of project launch GOD continues to establish us in a more suitable home online to house these invaluable resources!




The "Eternal Ekklesia" project specializes in the Ekklesia of GOD's heavenly KINGDOM that Yeshua the Messiah —functioning as the KING of that KINGDOM— specifically declared that HE would build.  This project involves the creation of a learning library of audio-visual resources to be used with the EKKLESIA space being developed at XTTX CyberCenter.





The "End-Time KINGDOM Equippers" project specializes in long-term systematic teaching, biblical instruction, spiritual training and supernatural equipping of human-beings who are fully devoted to natural and supernatural spirit-soul-body transformation, and the heavenly dominion over ALL domains of human life on Earth — beginning especially and primarily with one's self.


This project will feature only select human equippers (those we are explicitly instructed to feature) who've fully embraced the centrality of the Good News of the KINGDOM of GOD


Firstly, we will feature original content co-created and produced by TTEKKLESIA


GOD willing, with expressed permission from MUNROE GLOBAL, we will also utilize our own re-production of select vintage messages of the KINGDOM thru Dr. Myles Munroe. (Specifically, we've treasured the original collection that GOD used to shift our paradigms many years ago.) 


With the continued blessings of Dr. Johann Melchizedek Peter, we will build a much better organized learning library for easy YouTube navigation of video sessions from Johann Ministries.  Specifically, we'll feature sessions beginning from the year 2012 and progressing thru the present and future, with a few select series from pre-2012.

Finally, we Xpect an emergence of a new spiritual generation of KINGDOM messengers and equippers whom GOD will give 1KFA special directives to feature.  When this occurs, we will create feature playlists that consist of our most highly recommended videos at these spiritually compatible and complementary channels.










The Xclusive focus of 1 KINGDOM for ALL

is the one and only KINGDOM of GOD (YHWH)


— not to be confused with the kingdoms

and traditions of christendom.



1 KINGDOM for ALL (logo)






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