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In our universe,

there are many mysteries.

...some are worth the world to understand.

In our world, there is knowledge of some realities that when fully understood and properly applied can transform every domain of human life and transfigure every life form on our planet.

Many so-called "deep" spiritualists, religions of the world, even true children of GOD and believers of The Truth have spoken of these mysteries, but hardly any human beings still living on Earth have truly witnessed, deeply understood, fully experienced, or consistently demonstrated the truths that so many are seeking and so many desperately need.



The Good News is that there is a spiritual KINGDOM that holds these truths, and only the childlike can enter.  Many who assume they know, have not known as they ought.  Many who've boasted of great power, had not been authorized to represent it.  Many who've preached about it, have rarely offered any proof or demonstrated its reality.  And, many who've claimed to represent it, have been guilty of misrepresenting it.  But, the GOOD NEWS is that this mysterious KINGDOM is now experiencing a true renaissance, and ALL who desperately seek it are invited to go far beyond where many others have only hoped to go.

There is a time coming, and now is, that those who truly believe what is true about our Creator will manifest the supernatural powers of a future age.

What many religions have taught was a kingdom of God will not compare with what GOD has predestined for HIS children who become mature sons & daughters in HIS KINGDOM.

Begin your new KINGDOM journey today.

Discover what many have feared to believe.

(( XTTX ))

The Messiah said to us,

"Go into ALL the world, and proclaim the Good News to ALL of creation."  

—Mark 16:15

. . . And this Good News of the KINGDOM will be proclaimed in ALL the world

as a testimony to ALL nations, and then the end will come.  

—Matthew 24:14

The KINGDOM of GOD is not a matter of talk, but of POWER.  

—1 Corinthians 4:20

(( XTTX ))
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