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2021 soft-launch progress updates

For your convenience, we're linking the most important soft-launch progress updates here.  This page will remain visible throughout the soft-launch process.  However, because of the increasing value and the sensitive nature of many of our future resources, we have no plans to provide publicly accessible archives to most future communications.  A personal opt-in subscription will be required to receive or access XTTX updates for contacts on the master-list. 

( XTTX updates )

The most recent bulletins appear on top.


If you're reading this... 

You probably have within your spiritual DNA the heavenly Seed that can transform you into an evolved species of human.... one who is fully maturing as an authenticated offspring of GOD, The Creator of ALL creation.

Are you one of those who will maximize your divine opportunity to FULLY TRANSFORM in this final generation?

If so, it is paramount that you are divinely immersed in the predestined facilitating environment ideal for your growth, development, transformation and evolution.


The HOLY SPIRIT and your Guardian will help you find where you belong.

Perhaps some ideas Xpressed at will be of value to you in your next steps forward!

(( XTTX ))
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