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In 1611, King James (I) was committed to establishing his own "church" of England,

an earthly national government-run Christian religious system ruled by him.


Heaven is summoning its citizens on Earth  (Php 3:20)

to a return to GOD's original divine intent.

The eternal KING was sent as the Messianic Anointed One.

HE granted HIS true followers the responsibilities of a Heavenly KINGDOM

— not a new religion.  (Lk 22:29)


Heaven's KING declared that HE would build HIS KINGDOM's EKKLESIA


upon the monumental revelation that HE indeed was

the long-awaited GOD-sent KING of HEAVEN's Government.


He never used a religious term like temple or synagogue that might depict a "church" concept.

Instead, He used a Greek & Roman KINGDOM concept depicting secular, social and civic government.

He was NEVER referring to an establishment of another RELIGION — not even Christianity.

HE was referring to the establishment of another GOVERNMENT from Heaven

to RULE with HIM in earthly and universal domains.

LET'S REPENT, return, re-learn

and remain committed to the Logos of Truth  (2 Tim 2:15)

regarding HIS KINGDOM and the EKKLESIA of GOD's KINGDOM.


—Matthew 16:18-19—

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