In 1611, King James (I) was committed to establishing his own "church" of England,

an earthly national government-run Christian religious system ruled by him.


Heaven is summoning its citizens on Earth  (Php 3:20)

to a return to GOD's original divine intent.

The eternal KING was sent as the Messianic Anointed One.

HE granted HIS true followers the responsibilities of a Heavenly KINGDOM

— not a new religion.  (Lk 22:29)


Heaven's KING declared that HE would build HIS KINGDOM's EKKLESIA


upon the monumental revelation that HE indeed was

the long-awaited GOD-sent KING of HEAVEN's Government.


He never used a religious term like temple or synagogue that might depict a "church" concept.

Instead, He used a Greek & Roman KINGDOM concept depicting secular, social and civic government.

He was NEVER referring to an establishment of another RELIGION called Christianity.

HE was referring to the establishment of another GOVERNMENT from Heaven

to RULE with HIM in earthly and universal domains.

LET'S REPENT, return, re-learn

and remain committed to the Logos of Truth  (2 Tim 2:15)

regarding HIS KINGDOM and the EKKLESIA of GOD's KINGDOM.


—Matthew 16:18-19—

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