Eternal Ekklesia

On November 1, 2020

we BEGAN "breaking ground"

at new venues that will serve our

and your holy interests BEST

in the immediate future!


GOD is Jealous for the minds and hearts of HIS people —especially those with spiritual hunger that far Xceeds the majority of seekers— and we count it an honor to serve HIM in a way that allows us to cater to these special ones.


We have been freed to provide a much better context for deeper & higher learning, while being able to freely give our resources to you with options that allow you to download our audio-video tools in various formats and qualities with the click or tap of a button!

This is a new frontier for us!  And, we are Xcited that a divinely selected collective of special ones are taking this journey with us - from the outset of this milestone transition.  



We are more Xcited, invigorated and enthused than we honestly thought we'd ever be about this Xtreme transition to new platforms.  However, with only a cursory evaluation of the platform(s) we were guided to, we quickly realized how amazingly "perfect" (in certain respects) they were for the facilitating environment we've always wanted to create for the deeper seekers and the ones who were life-&-death serious about spiritual, natural & supernatural spirit-soul-body TTRANSFORMATION.






On a particular day during the very first week of November, this page will instantly morph into the all-new 3E TTRANSFORMATION TTOOLS section.


This is the complete METAMORPHOSIS of "1KFA" we hinted at in a recent bulletin.  The new 3E will eventually replace the transitional 1KFA information space, while preserving all the historical 1KFA information in a convenient PDF file for easy download.



3E is the intellectual & creative production arm of AWAKENING —A Heavenly KINGDOM Renaissance ( and EKKLESIA (, specializing in audio-visual media projects and spirit-soul-body personal TTransformation TTools & resources.  General oversight is given by TTEKKLESIA (


IT IS A HOLY HONOR to have these divine opportunities to be empowered by HIS Grace in such an epoch hour of human history.  We look forward to establishing more HIGHER-PURPOSE funding and serving GOD with you as one of HIS effective equipping aids towards your HIGHEST PURPOSES in the end-time ekklesia of GOD's KINGDOM.







The Xclusive focus of 3E






1 KINGDOM for ALL (logo)