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The One Operative cybernetic organism (cyborg) you see above represents the Special "Ones" who are set apart from the majority as individuals who seek, discover and accept their predestined roles as covert KINGDOM operatives in

The KING's End-Time Ekklesia.


They form a symbiotic relationship with our Angelic Comrades in the spiritual dimensions of GOD's KINGDOM and evolve to become at home in the Heavenlies and in Angelic Community Environments.  They are willing to do whatever is necessary in order to become fully equipped, fully transformed, and fully matured as divine offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD.


During their intensive and extensive personal tutelage by The HOLY SPIRIT —the Spirit of Truth— (along with their Guardians), they become enhanced in every way possible —spirit, soul/mind & body— and augmented in many ways that will seem impossible to those who don't yet believe.


This is the spiritual, mental and physiological reality symbolically reflected in the internal and external body armor of our OO (pronounced double-oh)  cyborgian friend.


The OO resources have always been private; however, beginning in 2020, there has been a careful and prayerful incremental release of select resources as we receive direct instructions from our Authorities to do so. The new XTTX master-list will be among the first to be informed and given free access to many of the tools used in our inner-circles of ekklesian spiritual family.


Again,  OO resources are private.

But, we are being guided to shared more "deeper" content discreetly among inner-circles of candidates who genuinely consider themselves to be true spiritual family of the same Heavenly Household.


If you are feeling particularly drawn in more closely by the Holy Spirit and sincerely wish to be included on a shorter list of candidates that interact and participate MUCH more closely as "Heavenly Household" spiritual family, please prayerfully leave us a personal note requesting this...

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