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soft-launch rhema-bulletins

For your convenience, we're linking the most important soft-launch progress updates for this launch season here at  Also for a limited time, you can access links to many of the bulletins from past seasons by clicking or tapping HERE.  This UPDATE page will remain visible throughout the multi-phase launch process.  However, because of the increasing value and the sensitive nature of many of our future resources, we may not be allowed to provide publicly accessible archives to many future communications.  A PERSONAL OPT-IN SUBSCRIPTION is required to receive or access XTTX updates for contacts on the master-list. 

( XTTX updates )

The most recent bulletins appear on top.


Date format used:  MM/DD/YYYY

Time zone used:  UTC−11

UTC−11:00 is the latest human-inhabited time zone available to us when using this communications platform. This is the last time zone most humans celebrate the entrance into a new calendar year. The world's latest time zone (UTC-12:00) would have been our preference had it been available to us.

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