{ Spirit-Prayer LAIR }

The SPIRIT-PRAYER resource you're seeking is in its final stages of production!

GOOD Report File #120  (Re:  Fluency In Heavenly Languages)  was only one (1) of over twelve (12) labor-intensive action items total ...that comprised an unexpected special assignment received on Friday, May 29, 2020.

In recent days, there were new Xperiences that add to the divine drama surrounding this assignment.


We have completed almost all that is required of us before allowing full public access to this very important document.

We appreciate your spirit-prayers during these final focused hours — if you are one who already prays with your spirit.

This assignment was far more labor-intensive than we could've known in the beginning; however, every thought, word, or action required —whether they be intellectual, creative, technical, and/or prophetic— has been absolutely necessary in order for our obedience to be made complete.

We have no complaints.


We have only PRAISE for the spiritual, natural and supernatural Help we receive from our Comrades who function with us in spiritual dimensions of the KINGDOM of GOD — both human and non-human.

By GOD's grace, your SPIRIT-PRAYER resource will be ready for you at the divinely appointed time, provided we can keep in step with the HOLY SPIRIT.

Thank you for being one of the Special Ones who seek to go much deeper in order to go much higher!

Please check back as you are led!

XTTX admin

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