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tan·dem  [tan-duhm]  


- adverb

one following the other, or one behind the other 


The project was a huge success because each person had fun completing simple tasks tandemly - either all together at the same time, or one right after the other. People said it was like playing "Simon Says" or "Follow the Leader" and getting paid for it. Their simple, systematic, tandem action yielded record-breaking progress that attracted tremendous support from the entire community.







ac·tion  [ak-shuhn]  


- noun

organized activity to accomplish an objective 


Each person was challenged to take immediate and massive personal action for 30 days creating public awareness in their circles of influence of a new economic opportunity. However, because the step-by-step instructions for daily action were so simple and fun, almost everyone agreed to stay involved indefinitely. Their efficient systematic approach led to over 100,000 people mobilzed to action during the very first year.



The words 'TANDEM ACTION' represent a principle of habit we hope to instill in countless individuals who wish to contribute to the rapid growth of causes that bring positive change to many people. Since we believe that each of us should follow good examples and each of us should lead by good example, we apply this in the most practical ways humanly possible. 



The axiom we live, grow and thrive by as a flank in these movements is what we call our "Principle of DO-plication".  


It goes like this: 


"Only DO what you WANT OTHERS to DO... 

  Only DO what you KNOW others CAN do...

and Only DO what THEY KNOW they can DO!" 


This can always duplicate

especially when there's a profit motive. 


We have an unwavering commitment to always KISS: Keep Income Systems Simple! It sometimes can be a challenge with people who have traditional backgrounds in business, but it's extremely gratifying when we can create a culture among many newcomers in which we all habitually  "Keep Involvement Simple & Systematic" (K.I.S.S.) with one another. If we all follow simple instructions precisely —one following the other (just like playing 'follow the leader')— we can generate abundant provision for ALL who participate, transferring wealth where it does the most good for the most people. We can each reap the economic rewards for the rest of our lives for the good we each do inviting others to join the movement. And, we can do all this good and experience all this good — all without financial risk.





Using a simplified "tandem action" approach, we've provided a way that ANYONE who truly desires it can power dynamic change in their own lives QUICKLY.  


If you're willing to learn a few simple things, and commit to DOing those things repeatedly, you can BE the example that others can follow and bring economic recovery to yourself and many others.

Keep (your)


Simple &



TAC3 Initiatives

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