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/kəˈmyo͞o nə tē/




1.     a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic

        in common.


2.     a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes,

        interests, and goals.


A purpose-driven life is a powerful life. 


Just one purpose-driven individual can change the world. And, when purpose-driven individuals join together in common unity, the power to do good is multiplied exponentially.


We believe that every human being should have the freedom to explore, discover and function in their "higher purposes" —their most important goals, dreams or aspirations, whatever they are most purpose-driven to do in life.


When we live a life more focused on our own unique purposes, we can grow and evolve into the best versions of our authentic selves, contributing true value to the human experience on our planet.


We believe there's a better way to fund your life and your life mission, so that you (and all those who follow your example) can remain focused on what's most important in your lives. Our community is built on the common unity we have in freely receiving, freely giving and freely learning a better way to fund our purpose-driven lives and our missions in life.



There are rewarding ways to positively impact people in every part of the world, and enjoy life while doing it.




   You'll have 

     lots of fun


     lots of new things

    while impacting

   lots of people

      in diverse


      all over the world.

Multitudes of people all over the world

      are in need of real economic solutions 

  — not games & gimmicks with 'gotchas'.



There's plenty of "opportunity" to go around — 

just not a lot of risk-free, no-nonsense, personal economic solutions. 


A growing multitude of social entrepreneurs are seeking more realistic approaches to helping everyday people secure sustainable incomes without added financial risk. For many of us, the journey has been long and laborsome, plagued with disappointments.


But things are changing now. 


We're helping more and more people experience a better way to solve some common problems in our society. We challenge them to become like little children again.  


Huh?  Yea, that's right...  

            like new learners who just wanna have FUN.


Our Future Vision


We're on an exciting journey

to becoming one of the world's fastest growing

international communities of well-funded entrepreneurs

and full-time independent income earners.

Our Strategy


We provide risk-free independent

income solutions for individuals

and robust independent

funding solutions for organizations.


We're committed to only offer options that are

profitable, sustainable, diversified and simplified.

We offer all our economic solutions in a fun, vibrant,

stimulating culture that vigorously promotes hyper-growth

and provides support for unlimited expansion.

is to economically empower
purpose-driven people worldwide
to function in their higher purposes
without the limitations that can come
with inadequate funding.
Additionally, we aim to
strengthen, fuel and rapidly grow
progressive grassroots movements
that share key elements
of our global mission.


The money is only a means to an end.  Right?  


We realize that for some people —the entrepreneurs "to the bone"— succeeding financially is a reward in itself. It's like "winning the game". It's fun, it's exciting, it's a thrill! 


But, there are hundreds of millions of people all over the world who wish they didn't even have to think about money at all! They just want to have everything they need to do what they feel most purpose-driven to do.

Well, there's good news for both groups!


It just got a whole lot easier to grow your own risk-free independent income streams to fund your own personal vision for your unique mission in life. And when we say fund your mission in life, we mean a whole lot more funding for your life than you might be thinking right now.


Even so, it's not the money that's most important. For us, and hopefully for you, the money is only a means to an end. And a very important end —your life. So, we take real economic solutions for people real seriously. We begin every large-scale TEAM Initiative with the end in mind.


The 'end' is your higher purposes, your vision for your life and family, your immediate and long-term goals in life.

To us,

  for each person we help, 

    the 'end' is one more valuable life 

      purchased with money out of slavery to money.


How much good could you do 

      if you were not limited in time or by money? 



Our methods are extreme, 

                               but extremely simple.

Most people say we take SIMPLICITY to an extreme. Okay, we admit we certainly try to! We understand that the simpler our approach to solving a problem is, the more widespread our solutions can be used, and the more mainstream their usage can become.  The bottom line: We get to help more people, and we get to help them much faster.

So, we design our solutions in ways that can be used by virtually anyone around-the-clock, without financial risk, and without special training. All the information you need is made available to you for FREE. It's fun, easy to understand, and it's all on-demand for your convenience. This means when you adopt our "TANDEM ACTION" methodology, the most common communication tools of our generation are like gold to you. Use them wisely and follow simple instructions precisely, and you'll create wealth for your family and your cause. No hype intended.

Secrets to your successful impact

               include our SIMPLICITY,

  our SYSTEM and your SPEED.


We're one rapidly-growing flank of the

progressive movements we support.


Some might currently refer to TANDEM ACTION

—the Tandem Economic Achievement Mission—

as a “movement” in itself, but we don't publicly claim this, yet. 


We do realize that any movement of truth as unified action is legitimate. We don't deny ourselves this reality. We also understand that each individual who fully embraces TANDEM ACTION culture will experience a "movement" within themselves —either in the way they think about "earning income", or in their actions, from a former way of doing things to a better way of doing them.


But, until we are 100,000+ strong and still growing in momentum, we identify ourselves as just one flank inside the progressive movements we support and help grow. And we are happy to lend our strength to these well deserving movements indefinitely —as long as they remain on a righteous and just course, contributing to the greater good

A Paradigm Shift and a Tipping Point

In the not-too-distant future, millions of people will fundamentally think differently about the concept of growing incomes for themselves and fundraising for their causes. Right now, hundreds of individuals like yourself are discovering a better way.


Traditionally, many people have directly linked their incomes with their career choices, occupations, vocations, and even ministry callings. We feel there is a much better way to pursue your life mission – a way that can be wisely emulated by others who want to follow their dreams.


More and more people are seeking to establish lifetime funding that's driven by global technology trends compounded by a rapidly-growing consumer demand. When you find an independent funding source that is a well-established leader in its industry, and is generous, proven, reputable, fiscally sound and 100% risk-free, the result can be sustainable long-term revenue streams that continue to grow monthly.


What's most attractive about our Primary Funding Agents to most social entrepreneurs, cause-centered groups, faith-based initiatives and the average purpose-driven individual, is that there is no need to be distracted from your main passion and primary interests in order to establish and maintain ample funding using our method.

By embracing a 'TANDEM ACTION' mindset, you can empower yourself economically  to invest your time, energy and resources in ways that are far more personally fulfilling — instead of exhausting your time, energy and resources in ways that don't matter as much.


It's shameful that the majority of people have never had ample time or money to do what they feel most purpose-driven to do!  We believe the most impactful societal transformations will occur when multitudes of purpose-driven people are economically empowered to fully pursue all their unfulfilled dreams. 


There will be a tipping point in the future at which millions of people will have stopped choosing career paths based on the necessity to “earn a living”. They will have taken advantage of risk-free options like the ones we offer. They will have successfully put in place for themselves independent funding that serves as their life's provision. This will allow them the freedom to choose the field they feel called into most — regardless of its earnings potential, or lack thereof.


It's good to be willing to sacrifice monetary rewards in order to do what you're most purpose-driven to do; but it's even better to be economically empowered to function in your purpose without the distractions that come from financial lack and economic limitation.


Being financially well-equipped is a much better way to be  when your intentions are to positively impact other people.





Our private Management Team may be 'invisible' and covert,

but our public initiatives are as inclusive as can be!

Since 2002, a close-knit inner-circle of progressive social entrepreneurs who formed the independent management team, Tandem Education Action Management (TEAM), has been on only one mission: To impact multitudes of ordinary people, reviving them to fully pursue their most important dreams in life – especially those "lofty" dreams that have lain dormant within, almost totally forgotten about due to distracting cares of life.


For many years, we've been committed to a better way —a better way to economically empower purpose-driven people who desire to do good. And we've never been more enthused and excited than we are in 2015! 



Tandem Education Action Management

is the independent sponsor of the rapidly growing

Tandem Economic Achievement Mission (T∙E∙A∙M)

— also known simply as "TANDEM ACTION".


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