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The Nameless.  The Faceless.

Our mission and vision began over a decade ago with a think-tank and mastermind group. Since then, an inner-circle has remained consistently unified in purpose with a singular focus. This leadership core evolved into the independent management team formerly known by a specific name, but has since relinquished themselves from any "corporate identity" in order to remain as anonymous as possible as a TEAM.


As the behind-the-scenes human coordinators of the Tandem Economic Achievement Mission (also known as T.E.A.M., or simply the TEAM), we're committed to serve purpose-driven individuals who have a strong determination to establish independent funding for themselves and who also wish to help others do the same.  


Our goal is to economically empower a growing mass of people to fully function in their unique purposes full-time without financial lack.  Our strategy of multiple revenue streams within a culture of "tandem action" is simply a means to this greater end.




When you decide to join the TEAM —by participating in a Tandem Action Challenge— you begin growing a network by inviting others. And, the network you help grow is YOUR network, and your "team" is YOUR team. In other words, you can rest assure that this management team has been satisfied in its research, vetting any Primary Funding Agents that we offer as options for you in future Tandem Action Challenges


They'll always be corporately structured in ways that make the networks you help grow (and the ongoing revenue generated from them) your legal possessions for life.


In most cases (if you wish) you can incorporate them, sell them, will them to future generations, or donate them to worthy causes; but they'll be yours to do with as you legally please. TEAM's primary financial goal for you is to help establish long-term diversified independent funding from multiple revenue streams that are highly lucrative and extremely simple to understand and sustain as passive income. 


Most importantly, since it's NOT just about the money, we only recommend options that do not distract you from the most important elements of your transformational development as an empowered human being that can live above the contrary elements of this world.

We've always maintained our professional identity as an unbiased source of independent third-party endorsements for other companies and organizations. Our senior leaders and field coordinators are most known and trusted for their brutal honesty and their hype-free, objective evaluation of income opportunities in the home-based business world.


We are not loyal to any particular style or method of growing incomes, but we have had strict requirements of compatibility to the "team culture" we feel is wisest when aiming to embrace multitudes of unique individuals from all backgrounds. And, now that we have a laser focus on serving "specialized" individuals, we're even more selective than before!


Within Tandem Action Culture, we hope to cultivate a simplified, objective way of thinking that requires no unnecessary business traditions – even within "network marketing" circles. We're loyal only to what duplicates the results we'd like to see widespread among the MASSES who are served by the FEW who take full ownership of this mission.

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