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THE LIFE at the XTTX CyberCenter is a division of TTEKKLESIA specializing in seeking and presenting THE LIFE —the divine/biblical life predestined for the offspring of GOD in the end-time KINGDOM Era on Earth— in an undiluted form, without hype, and without loyalty to religious bias or limiting doctrines that are not biblical.  This means we may have no (or very few at most) human examples of the LIFE in HIS KINGDOM we seek to experience and exemplify as fully maturing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD.


The divine intention here is fierce loyalty to Heaven's standard of living —on Earth and in Heaven— in the fullness of Resurrection Life and Christ's dominion, with 100% dependence upon The HOLY SPIRIT dwelling in us.



A super-simplified web-presence is expected to open to the public in the not-too-distant future. 

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