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There are dozens of agencies and initiatives that may never be publicly seen because of their private or covert nature.  However, of those that will eventually have a web-presence online that can be accessed by select portions of the population, there are those that have had a spiritual incubation and gestation period of over 40 years.


Likewise, there are also agencies and initiatives that are relatively new to us, their visions and mandates embraced by us as recently as this year.

Very soon, we expect to link a downloadable information sheet on each of the mandates we've chosen to represent here.  This will allow those of you who've been given similar mandates and visions to spiritually synergize with what we are reverently cultivating and building in the spirit realm under Heaven's Authority.


Perhaps many others like yourself will discover that some of the individual mandates we've received by heavenly revelations are the exact same spiritual DNA of your own HIGHER PURPOSE predestination!  And if you're reading this, it is divinely possible that you may soon Xperience one or more of these discoveries as you continue to Xplore more at the XTTX CyberCenter in the strategic hours and days to come!

​The reality of Higher-Purpose ORGANISMS predestined for HIGHER POWER is represented here by this logo collage.

Displayed above are only a few of the active agencies and initiatives that are evolving into an embryonic microcosm of the multi-faceted long-term vision entrusted to TTEKKLESIA.

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