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for your gracious donation!

ALL of your contributions are deeply appreciated.


You are helping fund HIGHER PURPOSE resource development at XTTX so that we can improve and enhance the resources and services we freely provide for those who can benefit by them most.

We —and all those who work with us— are spiritually, emotionally and economically strengthened when those we render services to help express their gratitude by freely giving back. We regard all transactions to give back as holy offerings to GOD alone, and royal gifts to the KING of the KINGDOM we extravagantly serve. Every penny of every dollar that is sown into this fertile ground is humbly received and deeply appreciated as a holy sacrifice.

Thank you again for any and all contributions to advance the KINGDOM of GOD on Earth.  Everything you do in an effort to help this cause is highly valued by those you may never know until that time in our future when greater things are revealed.

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