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The Tandem Economic Achievement Mission (TEAM) has entered into a long-awaited prophetically foretold LAUNCH season with TAC3 Initiatives and the TANDEM ACTION COMMISSION — Generation 3 of Tandem Action Culture (TAC3).

During the month of June 2023, we began establishing a web presence digitally independent of the XTTX CyberCenter. However, our operations will remain completely interdependent with our primary objectives including the full-time release of higher-purpose-driven individuals into the harvest fields of their divine calling.

With continued Help from Above —thru Whom this is all made possible— we will offer our spiritual, natural and supernatural support to those of you whom are also being commissioned by GOD to fund end-time KINGDOM expansion from a personal position of financial independence from worldly systems that financially enslave people unjustly.

We expect to gather a paid Launch Team of several thousand individuals during July 2023, our first month of global operation. These people will begin using a better way to fund their lives and the lives of others who are called to help fund the expansion of the end-time KINGDOM ekklesia on earth.


Those who partner with us will succeed.


. . . when we submit to Heaven

and follow The One Who commissions us!

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