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There is a dire need for UNEARTHLY HEAVENLY CHANGE in the embryonic development and Movements of the End-Time Ekklesia of GOD's KINGDOM on Earth. There are many who will be the catalysts of this change. There are many who will embrace this change. And there are those who will resist this change.



Nevertheless, the change will occur, and it will occur swiftly, without any chance of human resistance withstanding it.

None of us know entirely ALL that this change will involve, but most of us know by The Spirit in our spirits within us that Xtraordinary change is inevitable. And, some of us know that this change will occur in every conceivable facet of life for those who will ultimately become the fully-matured equally-yoked Bride of the Messiah KING — The One Who Is the incarnate Eternal Living Logos thru Whom all things were created.

This web-space is a divine work in progress, attended to by human and angelic servants of the MOST HIGH GOD — The One and Only True and Living GOD.

The images and terminology presented here are intentionally unearthly and uncommon. They symbolically and parabolically represent spiritual, natural and supernatural realities that most of us have typically been unfamiliar with. They will serve the special ones very well by aiding our mental preparation for spiritual, mental and physical things to come.  And most importantly, the SPIRIT of this web-space, now being developed into the first CyberCenter of XTTX, will begin unlocking and opening pathways within those who belong here.... ultimately AWAKENING us to new spiritual realities in the KINGDOM of GOD on Earth.

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