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Your gracious financial contributions, funding support, holy offerings, and voluntary payments for resources and services are deposited into the HIGHER-PURPOSE Fund — dedicated exclusively as economic provisions to help fuel HIGHER-PURPOSE resource support, development and expansion with ALL our commissioned efforts.

Our commitment has always been and will always remain to ensure that 100% of all financial contributions to the HIGHER-PURPOSE Fund is efficiently used to fund service to GOD and to HIS KINGDOM ONLY.


ALL of your valuable contributions are deeply appreciated. They help fund special services & resource development and allow us to freely provide for those who hunger and thirst to taste (and more fully experience) the glorious spiritual, mental and physical realities of the KINGDOM of GOD.

Please use your most convenient method

to contribute whenever you wish during the

2024 Multi-Launch Season.

William Henry Lewis is the sole manager

of the HP Fund during the Multi-Launch.

More ways to financially partner with us

are coming in the near future.

Discover HP Fund at these platforms:

PayPal donation


cashtag:  $HigherPurposeFund


chimetag:  @HPfund

phone:  +18162000717


wisetag:  @williaml1910

phone:  +18162000717



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