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is to economically empower purpose-driven people worldwide to function in their higher purposes without the limitations that can come with inadequate funding.


Additionally, we aim to strengthen, fuel and rapidly grow progressive grassroots movements that share key elements of our global mission.

We provide risk-free independent income solutions for individuals and robust independent funding solutions for organizations. We're committed to only offer options that are profitable, sustainable, diversified and simplified.


We offer all our economic solutions in a fun, vibrant, stimulating culture that vigorously promotes hyper-growth and provides support for unlimited expansion.



It's very easy for you to be in profit

and remain profitable week after week

when there's no investment and no risk

ever required of you to be in business.

Instead of trading your valuable time for money, you can position yourself one time —and one time only— to be paid for the rest of your life from the dynamic growth of the most lucrative innovative trends on earth. 


Recurring profits can be generated for you around-the-clock every day of the year, even while you're sleeping.

In our networks, your profitability is not based on your skill to sell, recruit, teach, or train. If you can freely receive value and freely give others what you freely receive, you'll profit well. As others join the growing movement of informed members and consumers, we all profit as they save on their everyday spending. 


In the very near future, everyone in the entire networks we each helped grow will be able to save on virtually everything they spend, while getting paid from everything spent in our rapidly growing empowered consumer networks.

The only way that any of us can truly enjoy

the FREEDOM that financial independence

brings when revenues are extremely high,

is that these revenues are sustained

over long periods of time.


Why do you think so many successful independent income earners and home-based business owners are constantly searching for new ways to earn income? 


Some are simply "serial" entrepreneurs.

But most have a "series" of disappointments — previous incomes from so-called "income opportunities" that have diminished over time. This is why sustainability is so critical to us.

There are many great opportunities to earn income independently, but not as many of them will still be paying you many, many, many years in your promising future. 


Not only do we require this of our revenue streams, but because of the enormous windows of opportunity we're inside right now, you could be paid month after month, year after year, as a result of simple tandem actions you initiate right now!

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We love, love, love diversity! 

And, the wisdom to diversify can

yield rewards that no one can deny.

Whether it's variety in our innovative tools,

or multiple streams of income for you,

it's all good to us and it's all good for you.



Some people say that unity with diversity is the TEAM's greatest strength. They probably feel this way because they've experienced how empowering it is to be nurtured by TEAM relationships who cultivate their unique gifts, talents and strengths, while keeping the priorities we have in common firmly in place. 

What's so different about our approach is that our system adapts to you, instead of you adapting to the system. Our system was created to serve you, not you to serve the system. We value and preserve the authenticity of who you're uniquely designed to be and what you're uniquely assigned to do in life. We hope to help you become the best version of your authentic self while continuing to improve your personal economic status. 


And of course, we'll always continue in our tradition of being REAL 100% of the time - with no hype, no pretense and no nonsense.


The only way that any of us can truly enjoy

the FREEDOM that financial independence

brings when revenues are extremely high,

is that these revenues are sustained

over long periods of time.


It's proven that your income will always grow faster when you and those you invite K.I.S.S...  That is, Keep It Super Simple, or as we like to say,

Keep Income Solutions Simplified.


We want you focusing on what's most important to you — your purpose and your life mission. We don't want you distracted with unnecessary things. 


Just keep finding others who value this kind of simplicity and you'll be paid very well. 

If there's a simpler way to do things, we'll find it and use it religiously. We've learned that it's simply not wise to ever DO what cannot be instantly "DO-plicated" by everyone. 


Imagine how quickly your network grows when anyone who wishes can join for FREE and instantly invite others the same way they were invited!  Simplicity allows growth to spread like wildfire when true value is being offered and there are no barriers to receive it.

Join T.E.A.M's growing roster now
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